HP to show off its PalmPad webOS tablet next month?

HP is gearing up to unveil its long-awaited tablet running Palm’s webOS software. It will show off the device at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month, according to Fox News’s Clayton Morris, who also managed to dig up some details on the device.

DEMO: HP’s Phil McKinney explains company’s multibillion-dollar acquisition spree

Hewlett-Packard has been on a huge acquisition spree, spending almost $5 billion on companies such as Arcsight, Palm, Fortify and 3Par. It’s difficult to see any rhyme or reason to the collection of new assets. But Phil McKinney, vice president and chief technology officer for HP’s Personal Systems Group, said today at the DEMO Fall 2010 conference that the aim is to create a one-stop shop for customers to buy complete systems that are already integrated and working together.

HP puts Android tablet on hold

HP has apparently delayed its Android tablet, which it originally planned to release by the end of this year, sources in the know tell All Things Digital.

HP on WebOS devices: Tablet coming before October, no plans for netbooks

We’ve written previously that HP’s acquisition of Palm will also mean a great deal for the company’s future tablet and netbook plans, particularly since Palm’s WebOS software is well-suited for those types of devices. Now we have even further details on those plans. HP is planning to bring out a WebOS-equipped version of its Slate tablet before the end of the fiscal year in October, and it appears to have given up on the idea of bringing WebOS to netbooks, according to Digitimes.

Tablets 2.0: Microsoft, HP probably building less powerful products

Last Friday, Apple sold its one-millionth iPad. At the same time, Microsoft and HP — two much larger tech companies — both canceled their existing tablet computer projects. Microsoft insiders tipped off Gizmodo. An unnamed but trusted source leaked HP’s plan to TechCrunch.

Microsoft’s Courier tablet project is dead

Microsoft’s dual-screened Courier tablet was one of the more intriguing ideas to come from the company in the past decade, but now it seems the device will never see the light of day. Sources close to the project told Gizmodo that Microsoft executives nixed it on Wednesday.