Smush: Music app maker Smule and Khush sound great together in new deal

Social music app maker Smule is betting big that the world is getting more musical and more social. The company today acquired rival app maker Khush. The acquisition was an “eight-figure deal” in cash and stock, Smule’s co-founder and chief executive officer Jeff Smith told VentureBeat.

Smule’s Magic Piano helps iPad users make beautiful music

It’s not surprising that Smule, the startup behind cool musical iPhone applications like Ocarina and I Am T-Pain, has an app for Apple’s soon-to-debut iPad device, too — Magic Piano (iTunes link), which co-founder and chief technology officer Ge Wang describes as an “anti-piano.” Of course, I haven’t been able to play with the app yet, given that the iPad doesn’t go on sale till tomorrow, but I interviewed Wang about it, and about his perspective on the device’s potential.