Who's to blame for the 'Snappening?' You are.

Earlier today when Snapchat issued a statement about the “Snappening” — when hundreds of thousands of stolen Snapchat photos hit Internet forum 4chan last night — it pushed blame onto consumers for using unauthorized third-party apps.

Snapchat -- Our Story

What Snapchat's imminent ads might look like

Yesterday evening Snapchat chief executive Evan Spiegel sat onstage at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit and made headlines with his statement that ads will be coming “soon,” and that they’ll be in the app’s Our Story feature.

29 percent of Americans think Snapchat will go bust -- or at least lose most of its users -- in 2014.

Snapchat now lets you share your location with Geofilters

Geofilters will be available in New York City and Los Angeles starting today. The company has also made the filters available in a number of undisclosed locations that users will be able to discover.