Groupon China launches after rumors of a bumpy start, the joint venture from Tencent and Groupon, which offers group buying deals to Chinese consumers, has officially opened. The venture supposedly got off to a clunky start, with reports saying the site went live in mid-February for a day before being hastily taken offline, but now Groupon has officially launched the site.

What Google knows about Groupon

As speculation mounts about an imminent buyout of daily-deals company Groupon by Google for a rumored price tag of $6 billion, one salient fact is being ignored: The two companies are already in bed with each other.

Social buying funding heats up as ShopSocially, Groupalia snag millions

Investors interested in grabbing a piece of the white-hot social buying sector threw more money into the space today, as shopping recommendation site ShopSocially announced $1.1 million in first round financing, and Spanish coupon site Groupalia locked down €5 million in its second institutional round of funding.

DEMO: The secret of Groupon’s success is … good writing?

Among startups, there’s a tendency to emphasize product technology, rather than fuzzier skills and qualities that don’t “scale”. But chief executive Andrew Mason said today that the success of his popular social buying site Groupon had less to do with brilliant tech and more with good writing, and with unfashionable technology like email.

Groupon copies eBay’s playbook in international buying spree

Trying a little of its own medicine, social buying juggernaut Groupon went on something of a shopping spree Tuesday, announcing that it has bought Japanese and Russian rivals Qpod and Darberry, respectively. While the terms of the deal were undisclosed, the company plans to assimilate both into the Groupon brand, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Group buying startup LivingSocial heads abroad, opens in London

LivingSocial, one of the two most prominent social buying startups in the United States, has decided to expand to the United Kingdom through organic growth. The company’s opening a London-based version of the site and plans to open to a number of other big British cities over the next year.