Facebook potential

6 multibillion dollar businesses Facebook would do really well at

With Facebook’s IPO less than 24 hours away, I remain very bullish about the company. (Disclosure: I have entered my indication of interest with my broker for an IPO allocation. I expect that, like most people who ask for shares, I will get none.)


Want a store inside your video player? Cinsay can do that

Undoubtedly, the 30-second (or less) video commercial is an effective way to drive a company’s revenue. That’s assuming people take the initiative to visit the company’s store, walk through 2-3 additional steps, and finally confirm payment. Each step holds the potential for consumers to change their mind, get confused, and ultimately not follow through with the sale.

Can social commerce catch up with email?

Although many are heralding the advent of “social commerce”, the biggest e-commerce wave of the last couple of years has in fact used the most basic Internet technology. Enormously successful deals companies such as Groupon, LivingSocial, and Gilt Groupe send simple e-mails. Users click through those emails to a single landing page whose only goal is to get users to hit “Buy”.

Rob Solomon: Too rich for Groupon?

The No. 2 executive at daily-deals purveyor Groupon, Rob Solomon, has taken advantage of the company’s unlimited-paid-days-off policy — for good.

Not so pretty: Layoffs at e-commerce darling ModCloth

ModCloth, the hot e-commerce startup backed by Accel Partners, First Round Capital, and the Floodgate Fund, laid off just over a dozen of its 248 employees today, the company told VentureBeat.