The end is near: 11 Zynga games are victims of cost-cutting

Zynga is shutting down 11 games soon as part of a cost-cutting measure, according to TechCrunch. The free-to-play games are either unpopular or are older titles that stopped monetizing well. Still, some of those, like PetVille (pictured above), had millions of fans once upon a time.

Love your free players to unlock the full potential of free-to-play games

It’s already clear that free-to-play games are having a profound impact on the industry landscape. Their initial success is in large part driven by the frictionless reach being free enables. By removing the need to pay up front, a game can reach an audience that’s as much as 10 to 25 times larger. Anyone who owns a smart mobile device or a PC with an Internet connection is now a prospective player.

Developers and publishers need each other now more than ever before

Any yahoo can publish a game these days. Yet today’s market still demands of the specialization of the past, allowing the creator to focus on creating and the distributing to focus on marketing. And this relationship matters more now than ever before in Digital Publishing 2.0.