Zynga reports a profit for third quarter on eve of IPO

Zynga reported net income of $12.5 million in the third quarter ended Sept. 30, down 54 percent from $27 million a year ago, according to an updated S1 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The performance isn’t stellar, but it’s not so bad as to suggest Zynga’s planned initial public offering is in trouble.


Zynga launches three HTML5 games to run on mobile browsers

As part of a big game platform Zynga is announcing today, the company is launching three new titles that will run across platforms and can be embedded in Facebook’s new mobile iPad app. The three new games use the HTML5 web platform format so they are compatible with any mobile device and the web.

Non-Facebook social games to hit $5.6B in revenue by 2014

Facebook isn’t the only platform where social games are booming. Revenue from non-Facebook social games is expected to grow from the current amount of $3.2 billion to $5.6 billion by 2014, according to estimates released today by social app platform Viximo and SuperData Research.

Facebook game leaders: We’re not worried about Google+ games

For now, Facebook’s gaming managers aren’t worried about the competition from Google+. If they keep doing a good job growing the engagement and monetization of users on their own platform, they expect that game developers, users, and Facebook itself will be happy no matter what the competitive landscape looks like.

Google+ represents a big chance for diversification in games

Google+ games, announced by Google today on its Google+ social network, represent a big chance for social games companies to diversify and reduce their dependence on Facebook. That’s why Google already has an impressive list of game companies, including Zynga, PopCap and Rovio, on its brand new game platform.

Nexon invests in social gaming firm 6waves Lolapps (exclusive)

South Korean online gaming powerhouse Nexon has invested in social gaming firm 6waves Lolapps, VentureBeat has learned. The investment, which is expected to be announced shortly, comes on the heels of the merger of two major social gaming firms, 6waves and Lolapps, which announced their own merger two weeks ago.