facebook anonymous login2

Facebook logins are going anonymous

SAN FRANCISCO — Want to use a new app or website? Want to log in? Maybe with Facebook? Now, you no longer have to share your whole life just by logging in with Facebook.

What has this country become? Teens are leaving Facebook!

Teens abandoning Facebook, yet the world survives

If you are a social marketer still citing Facebook as a hangout for teenagers, it’s time to get a grip on reality. A new analysis shows that millions of teenagers have abandoned that now-venerable social watering hole over the last few years.

Vine launches full profiles on the Web.

Born from mobile, Vine migrates to Web

Like its parent Twitter, Vine makes an art form from the shortest possible expressive burst. Vine’s 6-second looping videos are tailored to take advantage of the short attention span and limited bandwidth of mobile sector, but now the company is going beyond its original mobile platform to beefing up its Web presence with full profiles.