HootSuite Command Center: take a little Bond, add social, throw in enterprise (shaken, not stirred)

In the movies, corporate barons and evil geniuses have command and control centers with giant screens displaying the disposition of their empires. A new product from HootSuite may not make you James Bond or Dr. Evil … but it will give you the ability to see and showcase your social media status in a very big way.

9GAG releases mobile app, raises $2.8M to spread giggles like the flu

Continuing in its effort to fill the world with laughter, 9GAG rolled out a mobile app today that makes sharing its “wildly popular irreverent and hilariously funny content” easier than ever. Now, you can spread giggles as quickly as a text message. 9GAG also received $2.8 million in seed financing. Who said venture capitalists don’t have a sense of humor? Or maybe they just like companies with massive followings.