Google+ project

Google goes social with Google+ — Will Facebook flinch?

After months of waiting, Google finally unveiled on Tuesday its new social project, Google+. It’s an ambitious gambit that aims to turn all of Google’s services into one giant social platform, and in the process steal some thunder from Facebook while making Google – for once – a big player in social networking.

Winklevoss Twins

Winklevoss twins finally finish row with Facebook

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the twins whose story was prominently told alongside Mark Zuckerberg’s in the movie The Social Network, have decided not to appeal to the Supreme Court concerning their $65 million cash-and-stock settlement with Facebook and Zuckerberg.

pandora nyse

Show's over: Pandora skids in second day of trading

Share prices of online radio service Pandora skidded in its second day of public trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), falling nearly 25 percent from its closing price on Wednesday. Shares are now trading at a price below the company’s initial public offering price of $16.


Facebook tries to counter user decline claims

Facebook is countering yesterday’s news that its overall growth is slowing and that its presence in North America is declining. The site Inside Facebook reported Facebook lost about 6 million members in the U.S. and 1.5 million members in Canada during the month of May.

Facebook logo

Facebook growth slows for second straight month

Facebook may be close to reaching 700 million users, but its overall growth slowed in May for the second month. The popular social network is still adding users in developing countries, but is now shedding users in places that have had Facebook for a while, according to Inside Facebook.

Facebook partnering with Spotify for music service?

Facebook plans to launch a new music-streaming service powered by Spotify in as little as two weeks, according a report by Forbes. The partnership will only be in countries that already have a Spotify presence, which excludes the U.S.

Toyota electric cars will tweet, friend you

Car manufacturer Toyota is working with, a provider of web-based software for large companies, to create a private social network for electric car drivers that will connect them with Toyota officials and local dealerships.

Confident or arrogant? LinkedIn ups valuation to $4B

LinkedIn, a social network that connects professionals to help form new business contacts, increased the share pricing for its initial public offering tomorrow to between $42 and $45 — giving the company a valuation of around $4 billion — according to an updated filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Breaking free: Yammer announces embeddable activity feeds

Users of Yammer, a social networking service for enterprises, can now embed Yammer feeds and activity streams into just about any business application through the use of embed codes, the company announced today.

LinkedIn claims $3B valuation in IPO pricing

Business social networking site LinkedIn has priced its initial public offering between $32 and $35 per share, meaning the company seeks to raise up to $175 million and would be valued at $3 billion, according to an updated filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

LinkedIn, GitHub team up on collaboration tool for programmers

Professional social networking startup LinkedIn has joined forces with well-known open source coding repository GitHub, which will allow others in a user’s network to see what projects they and their connections are working on at any given time.

SEO platform BrightEdge adds tools to become fully “social”

BrightEdge, a search engine optimization management (SEO) platform, said today it has become the first such platform to become fully social in a bid to help marketers optimize their social media activity, Jim Yu, founder and chief executive, told VentureBeat.

Digg shows page view stats in ongoing effort to recapture relevancy

Social news aggregator site has unveiled more new features designed to satisfy users unhappy with the direction the site has gone since a botched redesign attempt last year. Interestingly, some of the features look promising enough that longtime users may be distracted for a few days before remembering the fact that there are still massive issues Digg needs to fix before possibly recapturing its lost user base and site community activity.

Digg’s redesign fails to address core problems

Social news aggregator site Digg did a good job last week of unveiling a new look and adding back some features it had removed prior to version 4, but the company still has a long way to go before it finally erases all of the mistakes it has made.

Facebook investor Jim Breyer on LinkedIn IPO: What’s the hurry?

Jim Breyer, one of Facebook’s earliest investors through venture firm Accel Partners, just talked to Bloomberg TV about LinkedIn’s recently announced initial public offering. He said that if he were in LinkedIn’s board of directors, he would have told the company to wait a little longer:

Google snags Twitter movie recommender Fflick for $10M

Search behemoth Google is back on the prowl again, today snapping up microblogging Twitter recommendation service Fflick for around $10 million, the companies confirmed this morning, one being an unnamed source at Google.

Social Network creators compliment Zuck on Golden Globe stage

The Social Network walked away with a few choice awards, including Best Picture, at the Golden Globes tonight. The film is loosely based on Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook, and it largely trashes his reputation from the very first scene, where the Zuckerberg character (Jesse Eisenberg) gets trashed by an ex-girlfriend, who says some classic lines to him.

Why Mark Zuckerberg might be Steve Jobs’ heir

Who is the next Steve Jobs? It’s a question that Apple shareholders will be looking at during their next meeting, where they’ll vote on a proposal to create a written policy on finding a new CEO.

Virtual currency transaction provider Tapjoy raises $21M

Tapjoy, a transaction provider for games and sites that use virtual currencies, announced today that it has picked up $21 million in its third round of fundraising after shedding a bit of a dirty image in its old incarnation.

Is MyLife the biggest social site you’ve never heard of?

When you think of hot social networking companies, MyLife probably isn’t the first one that comes to mind. Or the second. But chief executive Jeff Tinsley said Los Angeles, Calif.-based website is quickly building an audience that can challenge its more famous rivals.

Xing snaps up event startup Amiando

German business social networking site Xing has acquired Amiando, an online event management and ticketing services company, for around 10.3 million euros, as the “German LinkedIn” attempts to engage its more than 10 million members more actively.

Worried about your reputation? Intelius now lets you track it online

Intelius, a company that runs background checks on people via everything from iPhone apps to screening phone calls, today launched TrueRep, a new subscription service designed to help consumers track and control their online identity and reputation.