Facebook tries to stop unfriending fad with new alternative

All Facebook friends are not created equal, and today the world’s most popular social network is giving its members a more socially acceptable way to separate more of the folks they maybe sort of like from those they actually care about.


Tim Cook reportedly questioned Path CEO after iPhone privacy fiasco

After social network Path was caught red-handed for copying personal data from people’s iPhones, CEO Dave Morin apologized for the major screw up and moved on. But before the apology came, Morin was reportedly dragged into Apple CEO Tim Cook’s office and “grilled” over the infraction.

3 hot security startups to watch

Three security startups caught our eye at the RSA Conference here in San Francisco today. Impermium, Pindrop Security, and MokaFive all showed off their technology as part of the conference’s Innovation Sandbox competition for startups.

By surrendering to Facebook, MySpace was able to find a pulse. Adds 1M new users

It’s alive! MySpace, once the king of the social networking space, has been bleeding users for years.  Now it’s set to report a million new users have signed up since December, says the New York Times. (Maybe new investor Justin Timberlake’s experience acting in the “The Social Network” is rubbing off on Myspace.)

Klip version 2.0 brings even more goodies to its video-sharing iPhone app

More than 115 million smartphones were sold during Q3 of 2011, according to the latest Gartner report, and almost all of them have some video capability. But with the spike in video creation comes a new problem: what to watch. Startup Klip tackles this problem by making it easy to track and sort videos from your friends on your iPhone.


Glam acquires Ning, boasts that it’s now No. 2 in reach behind Facebook

Glam Media, a content and media company focused on women but with increasing ambition, has acquired Ning, a web service that lets people build their own social networks. The purchase price was undisclosed, but the deal is well below Ning’s $750 million valuation when it was at the peak of its hype a few years ago.