The new Bing is here, start peppering your friends with questions

A week after previewing the revamped Bing, Microsoft has released the latest version of its search engine to people in the U.S. Head over to to test out the new social features as well as annoy your friends with questions in the process. It doesn’t have all of the new bells and whistles announced last week, and you can only sign in with a Facebook or Windows Live account — though Quora, LinkedIn, and Twitter support should be coming soon.

Dr. Evil

Google’s new social search: How far can you trust it?

Google’s new Search plus Your World product, announced yesterday, is making a lot of waves. The new search puts content shared by your friends in the Google+ social network higher up in search results than other content —  a move that’s raised antitrust concerns.

Google takes on Facebook and Bing with +1

After months of speculation about Google building something to challenge Facebook, the search giant has finally unveiled its social product +1. So what is +1? Apparently, it’s Google’s take on the Facebook Like button.

HeyStaks makes searching social

Search engines don’t seem to have evolved much since the dawn of Google. If Google was the sports car of search engines when it launched, it’s now a rather rusty vintage sport car.

Bing exec explains how social can win the search race

Microsoft unveiled a number of updates to its Bing search engine today, most interestingly in how it delivers socially-improved search results through its integration with Facebook.

Is Google scared of Facebook? Depends who you ask

Google executives took slightly contradictory stances this afternoon when asked about Facebook. Perhaps the message was: We’re looking at Facebook, but we’re not, you know, worried or anything.

Bing and Facebook try to crack social search

Social search, where your Internet search results are shaped by your friends’ activities, has been a buzzword for a while, but none of the previous attempts seem to have taken off. Microsoft’s Bing search engine is taking another stab at it today by integrating more deeply with Facebook. joins the Q&A party

Search site launched a Q&A service today, making it the latest in a host of companies to do so, including Quora, Yahoo and Linkedin. The new version of the site will integrate the company’s search technology with a new feature that routes questions to appropriate members of the community. Members are selected based on their interests and areas of knowledge.

OneRiot lets you search for Spock in realtime

Social search — the ability to find what people are tweeting on Twitter or sharing on Facebook — is heating up. Last week Scoopler began offering near-realtime search of Web content shared by users on Twitter, Flickr, Digg,, and other social networks. Today, San Francisco-based OneRiot went live with its own high-speed search of the content being shared on social networks.

TextDigger, Hakia say they can improve search

TextDigger is the latest company seeking that Holy Grail: Improving on Google’s results by understanding the sense of the words you’re looking for.