Software CMOs, meet your toughest customer: developers

Tech-savvy businesses have known for years that they must market to those who influence a brand’s customer experience the most — application developers.

Software Developer Stock Image

Software’s eating the world, and devs are serving up the meal

Software engineers who are feeding the beast need tools to deliver the next tasty morsel to ravenous end users. So the question you should be asking yourself is, “How well does my team cook”?


Top 6 challenges with a subscription model

There are a few hurdles to jump if you’re going to run a subscription-based company. Make sure you familiarize yourself with them first.


Evaluating software development is measuring the invisible

We made number of attempts made on elaborate metrics to measure how healthy the teams and clients. No surprise, all story point-based approaches failed miserably, being not able to identify problematic projects.

The 10 new commitments of enterprise software

For the past 50 years, companies built and bought software to automate every aspect of their business … but as enterprise software’s use expanded, it grew bloated.