How secure is the smart grid?

What if a burglar could browse data which reveals which houses in an area are empty, or a cyberattack could create an electricity blackout? What if you unwittingly paid for your neighbour’s electricity, or a hacker could hijack control of your washing machine?

SolarCity acquires solar installer, expands to East Coast

Home solar startup SolarCity is expanding its reach to the East Coast. To establish a toehold there, it has acquired solar installation expert Clean Currents Solar, formerly the solar installation division of a Mid-Atlantic green energy company.

SoloPower wins $20M loan for $340M solar manufacturing plant in Oregon

Just after announcing it had raised a $51 million round, thin-film solar cell manufacturer SoloPower announced it would build what will become a 300-megawatt manufacturing facility in Oregon, boosted by a $20 million loan from the Oregon Department of Energy.

The next solar hotspot is … India?

Which country will emerge as the next best market for solar energy? Surprisingly, the answer is India, with its abundant sunlight, exploding demand, and gigantic, mostly off-grid population.

China’s LDK Solar takes $33 million stake in Solar Power

In a move to beef up demand for its product, Chinese solar wafer manufacturer LDK Solar announced today it has acquired a 70 percent stake valued at $33 million in solar project developer Solar Power Inc. (SPI).

VentureBeat’s best and worst of cleantech in 2010

It’s been quite a year for energy-related investments and other ventures looking to make some green from green. Here’s a look back on the biggest successes and flops of 2010.