Nintendo: the gaming landscape has changed forever, but console’s are doing just fine

Five years ago, video games were in a “golden age.” The Playstation 2 was dominating sales and found its way into most households, and gamers still plugged controllers into their systems to play their games. Then people began texting on their phones — and the world changed forever, said Nintendo of America’s president Reggie Fils-Aime.

Sony PlayStation Move’s creator wants motion control to be as accurate as possible (video)

Richard Marks, co-creator of the PlayStation Move, likes to be right on target. He has worked at Sony Computer Entertainment America in Foster City, Calif., for the past 11 years, always working to perfect Sony’s recognition and control technology so that it can be as precise as possible. Marks’ latest effort, the wand-like Move controller, debuts on Sept. 19, with some 20 games available at the launch.