Sprint names Marcelo Claure its new CEO

Sprint announced today that its board of directors has named Marcelo Claure to be the company’s next president and chief executive officer. Claure will be replacing Dan Hesse, who has been Sprint’s president and CEO since December 2007.

Sprint abandons plans to buy MetroPCS for $8B

Despite a clear desire to better compete with Verizon and AT&T, Sprint has vetoed a deal to take over MetroPCS, a pre-paid wireless company and the fifth-largest U.S. mobile telecommunications network, according to multiple reports.

Sprint 4G handset to launch by summer

Sprint has been rolling out its 4G WiMax wireless network in various markets throughout the US since 2008, but thus far the carrier hasn’t released any phones to take advantage of the new technology. Now Forbes has word from Sprint that it is aiming to release 4G phones in the first half of 2010 — in other words, by this summer.

Palm’s Pre fails to help Sprint, and RIM snickers

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