Retail Insights

Retail is dead, long live retail!

As we are finalizing plans for our 2014 Omnichannel conference taking place next week, Peter Zaballos, our VP of Marketing, had a chance to talk to with Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite and featured keynote speaker about the future of omnichannel.


Big data meets retail

Today’s retailers are forced to do more with less, and are looking for strategic partners to help shape and grow their business. Sharing POS data with suppliers makes perfect sense.


Winning new customers: It’s all about item management

For online retailers hoping to increase sales and bring in more customers, it’s not just enough to have the best looking website or lowest prices. Customers are willing to forgive a mediocre website and will pay higher prices if you can manage one thing.


Top 3 reasons cloud services support the nimble supply chain

Over the lifespan of your regular software solution, cloud technologies can reduce customers’ costs by up to 50%. Cloud-based solutions keep proving themselves over and over again, and enterprise adoption rates are mounting as the result.


Why retailers should embrace the omnichannel

Retail is at a reset moment thanks to the disruption that the Internet, mobile phones, and social media are all bringing to the shopping experience. It means the entire supply chain — retailers, suppliers, and 3rd party logistics providers (3PLs) — has to become more efficient, competitive, and knowledgeable to be able attract and keep customers.