Activision Blizzard’s quarterly earnings report predicted to shine come Wednesday

Activision Blizzard will report its first-fiscal-quarter earnings on Wednesday, May 9, after the market close. This will come two days after its arch-rival Electronic Arts reports its earnings, and the two together will paint a better picture of the grudge match between EA’s Star Wars: The Old Republic and Activision Blizzard’s flagship online game World of Warcraft.

IGN Pro League viewers highlight the rise of eSports online

The numbers are in from this month’s IGN Pro League (IPL) gaming competition, and they’re record-breakers of a kind. IGN boasts of drawing 346,000 streaming spectators at the tournament’s peak and more than 3 million unique viewers over all three days of the event, described as “the largest-ever online viewership for an eSports event held outside of Korea.”

Review: StarCraft II will keep PC gamers busy for months

If you’ve noticed a drop in productivity among your workers lately, you might trace it back to the July 27 launch of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. The sequel to the original StarCraft came out 12 years after the first game debuted, so the game’s addicted players might be forgiven for their binge gaming. These poor gamers, including me, have been stuck in the video game equivalent of Waiting for Godot, enduring the longest of waits for the best of all games.

Console game sales shrink slightly in July, but StarCraft II makes PC game sales soar

Overall U.S. console game sales shrank 1 percent in July, continuing a weak trend that has persisted for much of the year. But sales of StarCraft II, which went on sale on July 27, were so strong that PC game sales rose 103 percent during the month. That game helped push the overall console and PC game sales for July to 4 percent growth, according to market researcher NPD Group.

Starcraft II could generate $350M in sales this year

Game maker Blizzard Entertainment is preparing to release the much anticipated StarCraft II on July 27, and many gamers are salivating over the title, which is a sequel to the hit real-time strategy sci-fi game that came out more than a decade ago. Importantly for parent company Activision Blizzard, investors may be salivating too. The game cost a lot to develop, but less than the reported $100 million reported by the Wall Street Journal. Blizzard should more than make up for its costs with very healthy sales.