Best affordable Bay Area work spaces for entrepreneurs

It’s no secret that the Bay Area is a mecca for startups. Hundreds of ideas have been born, funded, and launched from the Silicon Valley all the way up to San Francisco, and quite a few have found success…

Be a better boss: 12 tips to help you encourage innovation

Many entrepreneurs dream of starting their own company so they can be their own boss, call the shots, get the corner office nicest table in the co-working space. Turns out, being in charge is a lot harder than just ordering people around and having someone fetch your lattes. To make a startup successful, you have to encourage an atmosphere of constant innovation.

11 productivity tips from successful entrepreneurs

When everything’s a priority, how do you maximize your productivity and continue getting things done? We asked eleven entrepreneurs about their strategies for staying on top of mounting piles of work, focusing on what’s important, and otherwise holding on to their sanity while building a company.


CES tips for startups: The smartest thing you can do is wear your company t-shirt

Chances are if you’re working in tech then you’ve spent time deliberating over which of the multitude of conferences, events and shows you should attend in 2012. Time out of the office is a luxury most startups can’t afford, so how can you justify CES, NAMM, Macworld, Mobile World Congress, SXSW, plus the hundred or so others you’re considering?

Tips for moving from the corporate world to a startup

The journey from the corporate world to the startup world might seem simple to some. There’s no reason you can’t take what you learned working at a successful, established company, apply it to your startup and expect the same results, right? Wrong. Entrepreneurs who come from a corporate setting need to “unlearn” what has been ingrained in their brain for so long, or they risk putting their startup at jeopardy.