A protest in Istanbul in June, 2013.

Turkey’s social censorship will hurt startups

With so many citizens finding ways around his censorship of Twitter and YouTube, Turkey’s prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan may not have succeeded in silencing Western online media — but he may well kill off Turkish digital startups’ own chances of success.

rainmaking loft

Coworking space Rainmaking Loft sets up shop in Berlin

Berlin is a hotbed of coworking spaces. Other prominent locations include Betahaus, Mobilesuite, The WYE, and St Oberholz, while startup centre TechHub is set to open early this year.

This innocent-looking Teddy bear is actually helping parents keep an eye on their children.

BabyWatch releases new baby-monitoring Teddy bear and moves to the U.S.

Health tech startup BabyWatch (and recent graduate of Startupbootcamp Berlin’s accelerator programme) has announced its newest product — Tedi, an interactive toy and mobile app aimed to track the development of a child. The company is also moving to the U.S. “in the next few months.”

Berlin in the evening

Why I left the U.S. to accelerate in Europe

Once upon a time, if you wanted to make it in the startup world, you had to be in The Valley for access to both money and mentoring. But as startup ecosystems begin to grow elsewhere, residency in California is no longer a requisite.