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How to get your demo right

The first five minutes is the most important with someone like me. Don’t waste it.

A bunch of people, who might be working at a startup, playing Foosball.

Career change? 10 top tips to landing a hot tech startup job

The clichés of startup life are clichés for a reason. Scrap the corporate culture and dress code, and understand that even though they can seem frivolous, startup trappings like the ping pong table serve a purpose.


5 crowdsourcing golden rules

Your startup could avoid spending a lot of money if you crowdsource your needs at the beginning.

entrepreneurial rollercoaster

7 things going against you as a first-time entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a game that you win in the long term. It is a game that is beyond just you. It is a myth to think that you alone will have it all under control, however smart you are.


VC perspective: The 3 things I want to hear first in a pitch

As a Venture Partner at XSeed Capital, sitting on the other side of the table from bright entrepreneurs with really intriguing ideas is a lot of fun for me. But, I’ve also been the one raising rounds for my startups. Here are some tips that have become a lot more obvious and important to me, now that I’ve seen hundreds of presentations:

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So you want to be a venture capitalist?

With very few job openings a year, landing that dream job in venture can be harder than you think. Here’s some tips to optimize your chances.

global map

A global perspective is now a requirement for Internet businesses

A decade ago, the U.S. market represented the key to consumer Internet dominance. Now, leading consumer technology companies such as Google, eBay, and Apple have something new in common: the U.S. accounts for just a minority of their revenue.

Startup tools

5 reasons your startup is failing at PR

Why doesn’t the press love you? Instead of harassing bloggers, manically posting press releases, and relying on buzzwords, try these techniques.

montreal celebration

Vive la demo day: VentureBeat est à Montréal

“I do think that we have stepped it up significantly,” FounderFuel general manager Ian Jeffery told me yesterday. “In this cohort are some of the most mature companies we’ve ever had. All nine are fantastic, but some have real revenues already, over a million downloads, and upwards of 30,000 active users.”