Nvidia lets users share 3D videos and photos on YouTube

Nvidia, the biggest maker of stand-alone graphics chips, is giving YouTube fans the ability to view thousands of 3D videos in rich, stereoscopic 3D using PCs and laptops equipped with Nvidia 3D Vision glasses technology.

Nintendo 3DS review: Is it worth $249 and $40 per game?

Nintendo has done its best to launch a new era in video games with the launch of its 3DS portable gaming system, which goes on sale for $249 on Sunday. The appeal of this device, which can display games in stereoscopic 3D without glasses, is growing on me. But I’m not sure it’s the greatest thing since the iPhone.

How HP rocks 3D: Earth Wind & Fire on a huge screen (video)

At the close of the Consumer Electronics Show, Monster Cable always throws a huge concert with a marquee band. This year, Earth Wind & Fire gave a rousing concert at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. And Hewlett-Packard captured the event live in stereoscopic 3D.