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Steve Jobs’ biography leaked, here are the highlights

An early copy of Steve Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson has leaked to certain news outlets. These publications are The New York Times, The Huffington Post, the Associated Press and CBS News. Jobs’ biography will officially be released on October 24. Here are the latest tidbits of the story Jobs refused to tell anyone else:

More than a million people remember Steve

Apple said today that more than a million people from around the world share their memories, thoughts, and feelings about Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder who died on Oct. 5. The remembrances are running in a live page that scrolls from one tribute to the next in an unending expression of grief and respect for the departed tech leader. Jobs died of pancreatic cancer at age 56.

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Apple’s Q4 earnings by the numbers

Apple reported big earnings today with its fourth quarter results, but it unfortunately missed Wall Street’s expectations. That considerably hurt Apple’s stock, which tanked 6 percent in after hours trading as of this posting.

Apple’s Siri personal assistant will make your kids laugh

Kids will get a big kick out of Apple’s Siri voice-driven personal assistant for the iPhone 4S. Not only does it provide useful information when you need it, it’s also entertaining. I tried it out on my kids during a camping trip in the Santa Cruz Mountains this weekend.

11 memorable “One more thing” announcements from Steve Jobs (infographic)

Steve Jobs’ first “One more thing” announcement took place on July 21, 1999 when he presented Wi-Fi to the world with the aid of a hula hoop. In total he would go on to make 18 of these big finish announcements at Apple events, including one introducing a live performance of the song “Waiting for the World to Change” by John Mayer.

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iPhone 4S pre-sales start Friday at midnight PT

For those of you still planning to buy it, Apple’s new iPhone 4S will be available for pre-order in just a few hours from Apple. The company’s hyped iPhone 4S will be available from and will run on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

How Steve Jobs changed the way we think

When I was an eighth-grader in 1980, living here in Honolulu, I used to beg my mother to let me spend Saturdays at a neighborhood computer store, so I could play with (and learn about) the Apple II computers they were selling.

The world says goodbye: Obituaries pay tribute to Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder and former chief executive Steve Jobs passed away today, and in the wake of the confirmation, obituaries have been appearing on news sites around the world. Here are links to some of the pieces that we think capture the spirit of the man who, in his own words, “put a dent in the universe.”

At Apple’s headquarters, a somber scene with a bagpipe tribute (videos)

Tonight, a crowd of onlookers and press has gathered at Apple’s headquarters to mark the passing earlier today of Steve Jobs. The flags are lowered to half mast. Employees are filtering out slowly. It’s a very sad scene as a small crowd looks at a bouquet of flowers in front of the building. Briefly, there was a rainbow near the campus.

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Reactions to Steve Jobs’ passing pour in

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died today at the age of 56, and reactions, statements and tributes from admirers, friends, co-workers, the media, and even the president have started pouring in. We will update this post as more reactions come in throughout the night.

Face it: Steve Ballmer is doing a great job

In the wake of the CEO ousters at HP, Yahoo and Nokia and the CEO implosions at Cisco, SAP, RIM and Dell, it’s surprising people are still picking on Steve Ballmer. Hedge funders are calling for his head. Employees are complaining.

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iPhone 5, or iPhone 4S? Here’s what we expect to see from Apple

Expectations are extremely high for Apple’s new iPhone event tomorrow, where the company will unveil its latest flagship mobile device. Apple’s new chief executive, Tim Cook, will also be under pressure to repeat the success of the company’s last CEO, Steve Jobs, who left the company in August. Janney Capital Markets analyst Bill Choi said today that he expects Apple to sell around 107 million iPhones this year.