All of this has happened before.

Tech stock correction? This has all happened before

In the last two weeks there’s been a flurry of articles about the implications of a 25 percent decline in the public market value of a bunch of Internet stocks. They range from “the sky is falling” to “the IPO market window is closing” to “there will be more stupid television shows about Silicon Valley” (I prefer Game of Thrones and 24, thank you very much.)

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Twitter finalizes IPO share price: $26

Twitter has finalized its share price for tomorrow’s initial public offering at $26. This will enable the company to raise close to $2 billion, significantly higher than the $1.4 billion to $1.7 billion that Twitter initially filed for, and this will give Twitter a stock market valuation of about $14 billion.

Apple and Google potential additions to Dow Jones index

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has featured the same 30, large publicly traded companies since 2009. The stock market landscape has shifted significantly in the past three years, and now big tech companies like Google and Apple could be considered for a spot on the elite list, according to business publication Barron’s.

Apple shares break $600 for the first time

For a moment this morning, each share of Apple stock was worth as much as a new 32GB third-generation iPad. Apple shares broke the $600 mark for the first time ever Thursday morning, hitting $600.01 before falling back a bit in morning trading.

Buying IPO stock? Might as well forget about rich returns

The past two years have seen a marked rebound in the number of venture-backed technology companies that are going public. After the depths of the “great recession” in 2009, it’s quite a relief for venture capitalists and those who invest in their funds.


Markets close with many tech stocks taking a huge beating

As the New York Stock Exchange saw major indices plummeting by five or six percent today, tech stocks dropped even further than many of their non-tech counterparts. The picture is especially clear if you look at the stock price changes since the market slide started August 4.