Groupon shares tumble to new low after lock-up expires

Deal or not, plenty of Groupon insiders are opting to unload shares in their first opportunity since the company’s public debut, and they’re helping send Groupon’s share price tumbling to new lows Friday.

Amazon Cloud Drive doesn’t spook competing investors

Amazon might have grabbed a first-mover advantage by beating Apple and other companies to the punch with a web-based music storage and streaming service — but it wasn’t enough to floor investors in the same way companies like Apple have done in the past with these kinds of announcements.

Are enterprise sales headed for a free-fall this holiday season?

Somewhere in the stock market’s noise today, there’s a very clear signal: enterprise hardware sales are in trouble. Despite upbeat forecasts from Intel and Nvidia for the fourth quarter this year, a forecast from enterprise giant Cisco for this holiday season paints a terrifying picture that could signal the end of the business-tech comeback.