rollingfm-thumb founder says it’s no clone

Whenever a popular web startup appears on the scene, it doesn’t take long for an onslaught of clones to show up. And ever since music sharing site launched in late May, we’ve been expecting duplicate startups to follow.

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Netflix CEO: “We’re gonna thrive on streaming only”

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in a conference call to discuss second-quarter earnings that the online-video giant plans to focus on a “streaming only” future after separating its mail-order DVD service into a separate subscription. But that future, Hastings said, will also bring Netflix into many more countries.

Spotify Mobile

Spotify to give away free music with no caps for 6 months

With an invite to Spotify’s just-launched music service, people in the United States can now listen to 15 million songs on their computers for six months, for free. Now go tell your family and friends, because that’s exactly what European music service Spotify wants you to do.

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Redbox jumps into video game rentals

Redbox, which runs several kiosks in stores that let individuals rent movie DVDs at cheap rates, announced Thursday that it is introducing video game rentals to around 21,000 of its kiosks.

Spotify signs deal with Universal Music

Music service startup Spotify has signed an American distribution deal with Universal Music, the third major record label to sign such an agreement, reports All Things Digital.

Tennessee just made it illegal to share your Netflix account

Sharing the user name and password of any streaming media account is now considered against the law in Tennessee, according to a web entertainment theft bill signed into law yesterday by state Governor Bill Haslam.

Is Viacom pulling content from Netflix?

The bulk of Viacom content currently available on curated Netflix streaming website Instant Watcher, Xbox Live and Google TV lists May 22 as its expiration date. However, those expiration notices are absent when you access Netflix from a web browser.

Miramax brings its movies to Netflix streaming in June

Tarantino fans rejoice! Netflix announced today that it has inked a multi-year deal with Miramax —  the studio behind films like Kill Bill, The English Patient and Pulp Fiction — to stream its movie library starting in June.

Spotify CEO laughs off movie rumors

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek today refuted the rumors (reported by TechCrunch and others) that the Swedish streaming music service had negotiated a number of deals with major movie studios to stream their content. On his Twitter stream Ek said, “Soon I’ll be reading that Spotify is launching a space rocket.”

Royal wedding fever sweeps the web

Most of the world should have been asleep when the British royal wedding took place today, but the event still took over the entire Internet.

HBO’s Go streaming service coming to iPad, iPhone and Android

Current subscribers of HBO will soon be getting more for their monthly fees tacked on to cable bills. The premium cable company’s programming will soon be available to stream on tablets and mobile devices beginning May 2.

The next new YouTube: Google’s opportunity to own media

There’s a reason Lady Gaga recently visited Google and snubbed Facebook. The music industry is on the precipice of another huge transition from downloads to streaming, and Google has the opportunity to own this transition. It can circumvent both Facebook’s growth as a media channel and Apple’s forthcoming streaming service.

Apple in talks for unlimited music downloads, not streaming

I hope Apple announces its new plans for digital music purchases soon, because I’m getting tired of the constant speculation. This time around, it seems Apple is negotiating deals with record companies to allow customers to download music they’ve purchased across multiple devices, Bloomberg reports.

DEMO: JetStreamHD lets you stream media to your iPad with no hassle

Nuvvyo, the maker of JetStreamHD, is one of 53 companies chosen by VentureBeat to launch at the DEMO Spring 2011 event taking place this week in Palm Desert, Calif. After our selection, the companies pay a fee to present. Our coverage of them remains objective.

Will the iPhone Mini only stream media? That’s crazy talk

It’s easy to go overboard with Apple rumors, and that’s what I fear is happening with this little tidbit: A source tells Cult of Mac that the rumored iPhone Mini will only stream media over the cloud, and it won’t have any storage onboard to play back media.

New Netgear gadget extends Wi-Fi networks easily

Reading the minds of countless consumers, Netgear today unveiled a simple way to extend the range of any wireless network at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Aupeo’s Internet radio comes to the Nokia Ovi store

German startup Aupeo bills itself as “Pandora for the rest of the world”, providing curated Internet radio channels as well as a personal music channel based on recommendations. It just launched a range of free apps for the Nokia Ovi store. This makes the company the main streaming music provider on Nokia’s app store.

Is Netflix heading for a downhill ride?

This is more than a case of sour grapes. Time Warner CEO Jeffrey L. Bewkes belittles movie-rental company Netflix in an interview with The New York Times today. “It’s a little bit like, is the Albanian Army going to take over the world?” he asked. “I don’t think so.”