Is Viacom pulling content from Netflix?

The bulk of Viacom content currently available on curated Netflix streaming website Instant Watcher, Xbox Live and Google TV lists May 22 as its expiration date. However, those expiration notices are absent when you access Netflix from a web browser.

Spotify CEO laughs off movie rumors

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek today refuted the rumors (reported by TechCrunch and others) that the Swedish streaming music service had negotiated a number of deals with major movie studios to stream their content. On his Twitter stream Ek said, “Soon I’ll be reading that Spotify is launching a space rocket.”

The next new YouTube: Google’s opportunity to own media

There’s a reason Lady Gaga recently visited Google and snubbed Facebook. The music industry is on the precipice of another huge transition from downloads to streaming, and Google has the opportunity to own this transition. It can circumvent both Facebook’s growth as a media channel and Apple’s forthcoming streaming service.

Aupeo's Internet radio comes to the Nokia Ovi store

German startup Aupeo bills itself as “Pandora for the rest of the world”, providing curated Internet radio channels as well as a personal music channel based on recommendations. It just launched a range of free apps for the Nokia Ovi store. This makes the company the main streaming music provider on Nokia’s app store.

Is Netflix heading for a downhill ride?

This is more than a case of sour grapes. Time Warner CEO Jeffrey L. Bewkes belittles movie-rental company Netflix in an interview with The New York Times today. “It’s a little bit like, is the Albanian Army going to take over the world?” he asked. “I don’t think so.”