Viacom blocks Google TV, the madness continues

The list of Google TV haters continue to grow. Viacom confirmed this morning that it is blocking Google TV’s access to its web video, which includes popular networks like Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon.

Hulu Plus officially launches at $7.99 a month, now on Roku boxes

It looks like rumors of a cheaper Hulu Plus subscription, the video streaming site’s premium offering, were true after all. Hulu announced the official launch of Hulu Plus today at $7.99 a month — two bucks cheaper than the $9.99 subscription offered during its preview period.

Hulu may be headed to a Roku streaming video box near you

Not that this comes as a huge surprise, but it looks like owners of Roku’s streaming video box may soon have access to content from Hulu, according to two of Hulu’s content partners who spoke to Dan Rayburn from Business of Video.

Exclusive: PlayOn brings Hulu and Netflix to the iPhone — without Apple’s help

PlayOn, the service that allows you to view streaming media from the web and PCs on a variety of devices, is finally headed to the iPhone as of tomorrow. It originally planned to release an iPhone app via the iTunes App Store, but due to approval delays by Apple, PlayOn has instead developed a mobile HTML5-driven web app.

YouTube’s video rental store is open for business

After dabbling with film rentals by offering five Sundance Film Festival titles in January, and expanding its beta testing effort with more content in February, Youtube finally launched its rental store today.

Jetcast’s new UniversalPlayer boasts built-in app store

Jetcast, a startup whose tools help Internet radio and television broadcasters make money, today announced the launch of a new media player, UniversalPlayer. The new media player gives broadcasters and advertisers something that previously only giants like Google and Apple might have: a built-in app store.

PerfectStream: The future for personalized video playlists, advertising?

While Facebook, Google and Twitter are pioneering the creation of personalized content streams, what they offer is usually text with either linked or embedded multimedia. But what if you could have a custom audio or a video playlist sent to your phone, car or TV — generated on the fly?