Super angel Ron Conway is raising a new fund

Ron Conway, the angel investor who seems to be involved in every significant Web startup funding nowadays, will soon have even more money for his efforts. Conway’s firm SV Angel is raising a new $40 million fund and has already raised around $11.7 million so far, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Bullpen Capital will ride the wings of super angels

There’s a new venture firm called Bullpen Capital launching today with a very specific investing model — managing partner Paul Martino told me he wants to provide small second rounds of financing to startups that were originally funded by “super angels”.

Good heavens! SEC could take aim at super angels

New financial regulations proposed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will fall most heavily on super angels, a lawyer who specializes in the industry told VentureBeat this week.

Green with envy: Cleantech wishes it had an angel problem

While consumer Internet companies are getting crowded with newer and wealthier angel and seed funds, cleantech is seeing a drop both in overall investment dollars and early-stage investing. In fact, the overcrowding of angels backing Web startups — perhaps best evidenced by  the recent Angelgate debacle in which top investors were accused of “colluding” to discuss startup valuations — is a problem that cleantech wishes it had.

A little too much clueless collusion for one week

Please, no more hare-brained collusion schemes. Silicon Valley has hit its quota for the week with scandals related to the biggest tech giants and the powerful super angels, the well-heeled investors with their own funds.

AngelGate dispute among Valley investors cracks wide open

When TechCrunch editor Mike Arrington barged in on a secret meeting of super angels, the wealthy individuals who are taking an increasingly prominent role in startup investing, the facts were open to interpretation. Arrington alleged that he heard the meeting was about illegal collusion. That seemed so unlikely. But now an email sent by investor Ron Conway (right) shows that there is a real fracture in the angel group about whether there was an attempt at collusion, as Arrington alleged.

Yes, there is a super-angel conspiracy

Chris Yeh is an angel investor and the vice president of marketing at PBworks. This column was originally published on his blog in response to TechCrunch’s report about a conspiracy among “super angel” investors.