OWS Phone

Apps for occupiers make organizing, communicating and sharing easier

The smartphone has been at the center of the Occupy Wall Street movement, just as it has played a pivotal role in the Arab Spring. And while the cameras in phones have recorded some of the movement’s most searing images, a growing number of apps are helping protest participants communicate and coordinate with one another.


Nokia defeats Apple in major patent dispute

Nokia on Tuesday announced that Apple had agreed to pay a one-time settlement and continuous license fees for patents that Nokia owns, ending a legal battle that started in 2009. Both companies will also retract all prior complaints from the U.S. International Trade Commission.

Nokia cuts 4,000 jobs worldwide, reorganizes R&D sites

Nokia announced today that it will cut its workforce by 4,000 employees by the end of year 2012. The majority of the reductions will be made in Nokia’s home country Finland, Denmark and in the UK. Nokia will also refocus its research and development operations.

Nokia hurdles: speed, accountability, and laziness

When Nokia CEO Stephen Elop joined the company last year and led it to partner with Microsoft, we knew it would be difficult for him to reshape the mobile giant into a worthy competitor against Apple and Google.

Nokia releasing yet another cheap Symbian smartphone

Nokia announced today that it is launching the Nokia Astound in the United States, a low-end smartphone geared toward first-time smartphone owners running the company’s Symbian mobile operating system.

Another Symbian blow: Nokia sells off business side of Qt development framework

If you need more proof that Nokia is looking to rid itself of the Symbian mobile operating system, here it is: The company announced today that it will sell parts of its Qt development framework, which was initially billed as a way to easily create apps for Symbian and other platforms, to Digia, a Finnish software company. Digia buys the software licensing and professional service business from Nokia. Nokia will still be in charge of developing the framework.

Nokia and Microsoft: Can two weaklings make a muscleman?

Nokia and Microsoft are now allies. This is not a total surprise as Nokia has partnered with Microsoft in the past, albeit in a much more limited fashion (e.g., connection to Office and SharePoint).

Nokia workers walk out to protest Microsoft deal

More than 1,000 Nokia employees have walked out of the company’s offices to protest the just-announced deal between Microsoft and the mobile handset giant, according to a report in Finnish newspaper Helsingin Santomat.

Nokia jumps to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop announced a long-rumored partnership with Microsoft this morning that would make Windows Phone 7 Nokia’s primary mobile platform.

European mobile carriers hope Nokia avoids Android

After struggling to bring its aging Symbian platform into the modern smartphone era, Nokia may very well consider moving to a third-party OS like Android or Windows Phone 7. But if it comes to that, European mobile carriers are hoping that the Finnish phone company stays away from Android, according to a report by the Financial Times.

Mobile cyber threats are getting worse

Malware of all kinds keeps spreading on computing platforms. But mobile malware grew at a particularly fast clip in 2010, according to McAfee.

Nokia loses smartphone market share and operating profit, hints at OS switch

Despite increased smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter of 2010, Nokia still lost ground to the iPhone and Android in market share — something that hurt the phone manufacturer when it came to operating profit, according to the company’s fourth quarter 2010 earnings report.

Another Nokia setback: X7 smartphone for AT&T canceled

Things aren’t getting easier for Nokia in America. The company has canceled the launch of its X7 smartphone, which was supposed to be available on AT&T exclusively this year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

We’ll say it again: Nokia’s keen on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7

Now this sounds familiar. For the past month, Nokia has apparently been in discussions with Microsoft about putting its new Windows Phone 7 software on Nokia hardware, according to an editorial by Eldar Murtazin of the Russian site Mobile-Review.

Nokia’s N8 smartphone facing power issues

In yet another strike against Nokia’s new flagship smartphone, the company admitted today that its N8 phone is having power management issues for “a very small number” of users.