Next-gen iPods may get wireless sync thanks to carbon fiber

Using a USB cord to sync your information may become a thing of the past. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is apparently pushing hard to make wireless syncing standard in the next iPod, according to a source from Cult of Mac.

Cars connected to the cloud: The all-electric Nissan Leaf

In a move that shows off the latest push among automakers to bring cars to the digital age, Airbiquity and Hitachi Automotive Systems showcased a connected services technology system for electric vehicles at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today.

SugarSync beefs up service: More storage, email-based doc syncs

Syncing documents among multiple computers and smartphones is a pain in the kisser. SugarSync, which offers subscription sync services for as low as $4.99 a month, has added a clever feature based on everyone’s favorite ad hoc backup mechanism: You can now email it in. Send an attachment to your SugarSync account from your computer or smartphone. SugarSync will automatically sync it to your other devices.