How to teach history (and lots more) with Minecraft

Randy Fujimoto has a mission statement on his website: “A quest to transform education through game-based learning.” That’s a big idea, to be sure, but we think he might have a chance to succeed, especially with his new model for teaching history using, of all things, Minecraft, the new indie gaming sensation that has players exploring, mining and creating in an open, sandbox world.

The case against Khan Academy and for 3.5 million Sal Khans instead

Many in the school reform camp and their supporters in the Silicon Valley and Foundation crowds are crying out for education “disruption”, a word being tossed around very casually these days. Because it works in business, they understandably believe that new technology will be the vehicle and keystroke data will map the way. First off their lips as an example of what it might look like is the Bill Gates championed and very commendable Khan Academy.