Nvidia aims to knock Intel out of supercomputers with ARM CPUs and graphics chips

Nvidia is forging ahead with its plans to revolutionize supercomputers and workstations with a number of announcements today. Among them, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center will be the first in the world to adopt a solution that combines Nvidia’s low-power ARM-based Tegra central processing units (CPUs) with Nvidia’s graphics processing units (GPUs).

Nvidia hides a fifth core in its Kal-El mobile processor

Nvidia revealed today that its quad-core next-generation Tegra mobile processor has a surprise in it: a fifth core, or computing brain. The processor, code-named Project Kal-El, has a previously unannounced companion core that operates at exceptionally low power.

Nvidia beats forecasts for graphics chip sales

Nvidia, the largest stand-alone maker of graphics chips, beat earnings estimates for its first fiscal quarter ended May 1, thanks to stronger PC graphics chip sales and the beginning of revenues from its Tegra mobile chip business.

Nvidia, Qualcomm in mobile race to power holiday gadgets

Graphics chipmaker Nvidia announced today that it will have “the world’s first quad-core” mobile processor out today. That means its latest offering for cell phones and other mobile devices features four processing brains in one chip.

A million Optimus Ones say LG made a smart bet on Android

As with many cellphone manufacturers trying to figure out how to make the leap into superphones, LG’s bet on Google’s Android operating system is turning out to be a wise decision. The company announced today that its budget-minded Optimus One is its fastest-selling phone ever, hitting 1 million units sold worldwide in 40 days.