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From smartphones to televisions, how Apple will avoid the fate of RCA

The economics of the consumer electronics industry dictate that on a long enough timescale, all products will become low-margin commodities. The companies that make products household names are destined to fade from the public’s memory. Will Apple suffer the same fate as others before it, such as RCA, who revolutionized television sets in a similar fashion but were relegated to the dustbin of history decades later?

A channel change: Will Apple start selling televisions?

Apple has had modest success with its Apple TV set-top box for streaming movies and music into homes. But the company might be exploring getting into the business of selling televisions.

Hulu’s owners at odds over future of television

Here’s a shock: the three main corporate owners of Hulu are at odds with each other and with Hulu management over the online TV service’s basic strategy. Who could have guessed?

Is online video killing the rerun market for broadcasters?

Streaming TV shows online — whether via network websites or services like Hulu and Netflix — represents a major threat to networks that depend on reruns, says Phil Kent, CEO of Turner Broadcasting, which owns networks like TBS and TNT that depends on reruns.