Apple to expand Texas presence with new $304M campus

Apple is planning a new $304 million campus in Austin. Rick Perry, Texas governor and failed Republican presidential candidate, announced the news today, just in time for Austin’s annual festival of Mac-lovin’ nerds, SXSW. The location will handle customer support, accounting, and sales for the company.

The curious story of electric cars and Texas

When people think of Texas, there are always certain stereotypes that come up — cowboys, twangs, conservative politics, boots, guns, and big, gas-guzzling trucks.

Projects in 2010 took aim at cleantech’s chicken-and-egg dilemma

Green technologies can face expensive and complicated chicken-and-egg questions when it comes to infrastructure. Which comes first, the electric car or the charging station? The wind farm or the transmission lines? There have been some notable efforts this year by companies to take the first leap. Here are a couple worth watching in 2011: