How simple mobile tech can put America back to work

Hourly workers represent more than 59 percent of the U.S. workforce, but they’re often left behind by recruiting solutions aimed at workers who have smartphones or laptops.


With Zlango icons, words are so yesterday

Striking just the right tone in a text message or conveying complex ideas via tweets can be quite a challenge, which must be why Zlango, an app that enables users to communicate with images rather than words, just hit the 1.25 billion text mark.

How SMS messaging is changing the world (Infographic)

Though we think of texting as just as a means of day-to-day communication, it has been utilized in developing countries in a variety of ingenious ways to improve the lives of the people there. Surprisingly, cell phones in the developing world are both cheaper and more ubiquitous than many basic services we take for granted, such as brick-and-mortar banks and, in some countries, even electricity. Entrepreneurs and social activists alike have taken advantage of this fact in some incredible ways. This infographic details several of them.

Textingly launches live chat tool for text campaigns

Textingly, a company that let’s businesses manage text messages to customers, today announced it has launched a live chat tool for businesses to engage with customers via text in real-time from the web.

How GroupMe and SMS saved 14 lost souls at Coachella

There’s simple elegance in a text message: Maybe you send an emoticon or an “I love you,” but more often than not it’s just a quick update. It’s like a Tweet, except more ubiquitous. You can’t count on people reading Twitter. With text, you most always can.

Blue Sky Local has retailers wishing for rain

Weather can have a big impact on local businesses. How many times have you wanted to go out to dinner but decided not to because it was raining? Now Blue Sky Local, a company that lets retailers send text messages, emails and Twitter promotions to customers, is looking to help businesses overcome the slow sales due to bad weather.

Teleflip gets $4.9M to forward your emails as text messages

Teleflip, a Santa Monica, Calif., startup that offers to deliver email to your phone as text messages, raised $4.9 million in a recent financing. GRP II, a fund affiliated with the private-equity firm GRP Management Services, provided the funding.