How schools are reacting to Apple’s entry into education

When Apple announced its textbook initiative on Thursday, there was a rush of excitement among educators. Textbooks from major publishers, which can cost $40 to $75 dollars in print, would be available as interactive e-books for $15 or less. The new iBooks Author application could turn anyone into a publisher, with its simple interactive e-book creation tools.

Kno launches iPad textbook app, no threat to used books yet

We’re still waiting for the student tablet company Kno to deliver on its innovative dual-screen tablet design, but for now iPad owners will be able to get a taste of Kno’s textbook marketplace with its newly launched iPad app.

With $46M grab, can Kno make the education tablet a reality?

Kno, the maker of an upcoming digital textbook tablet, announced today it has secured $46 million as part of an equity and debt round. Marc Andreesen’s Andreesen-Horowitz was the lead in the round, with Silicon Valley Bank and TriplePoint Capital participating.

Macmillan announces DynamicBooks, allows instructors to edit digital textbooks

Publishing powerhouse Macmillan recently made headlines with its demands for pricing control on e-books sold through Amazon. To recap: Amazon at first dropped Macmillan’s books from its store (including print editions) because the publisher wanted to charge more than $9.99 for Amazon e-books. Amazon later begrudgingly accepted Macmillan’s demands, and moved towards an agency model which allowed the publisher to set its own e-book pricing (between $12.99 to $15.99).