girls texting

OMG! Teen girls exchange 4k texts a month

Parents: I hope you bought your teen an unlimited texting and data plan to go with that new cell phone, otherwise you’re in for a scary surprise come bill time.


Pinger takes on Apple's iMessage with launch of Textfree Web

Pinger, a startup offering free text and voice messaging, has launched Textfree Web, a service that aims to blur the lines between SMS and mobile IM. Anyone with access to a web browser can text any mobile number from the U.S. and more than 18 other countries. Messages with photos can also be sent gratis.

Voice blogging gets a boost as Bubble Motion nabs $10M

Voice and text messaging provider Bubble Motion today announced it has pulled in $10 million in a second round of funding, as the company attempts to work on new tools for 800 million available mobile users.

TextPlus approved for new social group texting app

TextPlus, an application that lets groups send text messages to each other for free, just got an early present from Apple in the form of an approved and live version 4.4 application.

Battle for your texts: Facebook Messages vs. Kik mobile chat

Facebook can’t remind us enough that its new messaging service, announced today, isn’t an email killer. Instead, it’s an all-encompassing messaging system that works across Facebook chat, email, and text messages.