The iPhone 4

Psst! Wanna buy a smartphone? Got papers!

Since a smartphone is such an attractor for thieves, what if you couldn’t sell a used one without proof of ownership? That’s the idea behind a new bill introduced Friday in the New York State Legislature.

HD Trade Services puts the brakes on trade fraud

Most consumers are likely oblivious to the issues of international trade fraud, but for businesses that rely on overseas suppliers, it’s becoming an increasingly large problem. The issue stems from the lack of communication between businesses, which makes it easy for fraud of all varieties to take place.

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PlayStation Network welcome-back package boosts PS3 sales

Sony’s “welcome back” package to users following the take-down of its PlayStation Network (PSN) might have increased PlayStation 3 console and game sales, according to a report by EEDAR. The package included free games and services to entice users to return to the PSN online gaming network that was brought down for several weeks due to a hacker attack in April.


Thief steals $500K worth of Bitcoin

A compromised Windows computer is to blame for the theft of 25,000 Bitcoins, which is the equivalent of just under half a million American dollars at current market value, according to a posting on a popular Bitcoin forum Monday.

Anonymous denies involvement in PSN outage

Hacktivism group Anonymous, which routinely attacks major corporations and takes up political causes, said today it is not responsible for the theft of sensitive information and credit card data from Sony’s Playstation Network (PSN) online gaming network.

Someone stole my startup idea

(Editor’s note: Serial entrepreneur Steve Blank is the author of Four Steps to the Epiphany. This column originally appeared on his blog.)