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Macbook Air with Sandy Bridge chips coming in June/July?

If you’re holding out for Apple to refresh its Macbook Air ultraportable laptop, you may not have to wait much longer. Apple is preparing to upgrade the Macbook Air with Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors and ultra-fast Thunderbolt interface in June or July, Taiwanese supply chain sources tell Digitimes.

Apple updates MacBook Pros with Sandy Bridge CPUs, Thunderbolt ports

Just as we expected, Apple this morning announced the latest refresh of its Macbook Pro laptop family. Among the changes are the inclusion of Intel’s new Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 processors, high-speed Thunderbolt ports, and FaceTime HD cameras.

Apple’s new high-speed interface may be called Thunderbolt

Apple is expected to show off new Macbook Pro laptops on Thursday, and among their new features is a high-speed interface using Intel’s Light Peak technology. But it seems Apple won’t stick with the technical-sounding Light Peak name — instead, its new ports will be called Thunderbolt, Engadget reports.