Amazon is now punishing Time Warner, too

After punishing publishers for not accepting new contract terms, Amazon is now feuding with Time Warner. The digital superstore has stopped taking advanced orders for movies like The Lego Movie and 300: Rise of an Empire.


DOJ launches probe into Verizon’s spectrum deal with big cable

Perhaps Verizon was a bit hasty in its decision to stop growing its FiOS TV and broadband Internet business in favor of wireless partnerships with big cable companies. U.S. regulators have launched a probe into Verizon’s recent wireless spectrum agreements,which could leave the largest wireless carrier walking away empty-handed.

Why Time Warner should reacquire Aol

Aol released its earnings today a week after Time Warner, its former dot-com merger partner, announced earnings. The two businesses, once considered completely disparate and deemed one of the worst corporate mergers of all time, are now increasingly complementary as the industry shifts beyond delivery mechanism to content as the value differentiator.

Murdock on Time Magazine welcomes online readers, but it wants you to pay

Time magazine is about to make itself somewhat harder to read. It’s adding a pay wall that will keep non-subscribers from reading print editions on the web site for three months after the issue hits the newsstand. On the flip side, it’s making it easier for readers to subscribe to digital and print editions.