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How Silicon Valley can kill your startup

The Valley wonder dust has settled, and looking back, I realize that it was actually quite distracting and limiting. In fact, I would argue now that it is the the worst place in the world to run your startup.

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So you want to be a venture capitalist?

With very few job openings a year, landing that dream job in venture can be harder than you think. Here’s some tips to optimize your chances.

Startups are from Mars, enterprises are from Venus

Founders and venture capitalists will need to augment their teams with sales executives who can nimbly step around the challenges of contract negotiations, channel partnerships, and client services engagements.

Startup fail? Here’s how to close up shop with dignity

Let’s face it, not every startup succeeds. Not by a long shot. But no startup founder (myself included) ever wants to think about joining the dead-pool. Indeed, there is very little discussion out there on proper steps to close up shop.

The 10 new commitments of enterprise software

For the past 50 years, companies built and bought software to automate every aspect of their business … but as enterprise software’s use expanded, it grew bloated.

8 ways to send email more effectively

How many emails do you receive each day? 20? 50? Over 100? How many do you pay attention to? How many lead you to take action? If you are like me, very, very few.

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Google Schemer is a deliciously diabolical attack against Foursquare

Oh Google, your aptly named new product Schemer doesn’t have us fooled. We know you’re calling it a new way to discover things to do, but we see this for what it really is — an assault against Foursquare and the company’s hold over quality location-based content, city tips and to-dos.

9 quick tips for raising venture capital

(Editor’s note: Dharmesh Shah is a serial software entrepreneur and the founder and CTO of HubSpot, which provides marketing software for small businesses. This column originally appeared on his blog. )