Automate your life with 24me

Oscar Wilde said that “To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world.” But for those of us who would love to be doing nothing, there’s 24me, a free new iPhone app that populates your daily to-do list automatically and lets you complete those tasks at the touch of a button.

New to-do list app Clear simplifies and color-codes organization

Is there such a thing as being too organized? A new to-do app called Clear aims to cut down on the amount of time you spend managing to-do lists so that you can actually, well, do things. The app is being demoed for the first time Thursday at the Macworld/iWorld expo in San Francisco.

Collaborative to-do app puts Reminders to shame

Is there a business in making mobile to-do lists more collaborative and less headache-inducing? Startup formally launches Thursday with a free Android application proffering shareable, voice-operated to-do lists, and $1 million in seed funding to find out.