The newest member of the growing Chromebook family.

Toshiba enters Chromebooks, but can you live within a browser?

If Chromebooks are to move beyond the beachhead they have established in schools and large companies, they will need a variety of models to counter the sameness of their cloud-based operating system, apps and data. On Monday, Toshiba helped fill out the platform’s portfolio, with the release of its first Chrome OS laptop.

Intel marketing guy: Netbooks aren’t dead yet

Mark Miller has one of those hot and cold jobs. He is the director of marketing at Intel for netbooks and tablets. Tablets, of course, are hot. But netbooks are cold. Still, in an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show last week, Miller said that netbooks aren’t dead.

Nvidia unveils its 3D Vision 2 glasses for 3D gaming

Nvidia has created a second generation of stereoscopic 3D glasses known as 3D Vision 2, the company said today. The glasses will be bundled with specially designed monitors to create a much better quality experience for gamers who want to fully immerse themselves in 3D games.

Toshiba to launch new 7-inch Android tablet with high-res screen

Toshiba is moving deeper into tablets. Today it’s announcing a 7-inch Android tablet that features a high-definition touchscreen. The device gives users another choice besides Toshiba’s many models of laptops and its 10-inch Android tablet. Toshiba is also launching a new all-in-one desktop computer with a 23-inch touchscreen.