Dr. Ivan Poupyrev , the man who made a plant "sing," is joining Motorola.

Motorola hires scientist who made everything touch-sensitive

Having organized most of the world’s information, Google is now looking to push the boundaries in as many industries as possible. Which may explain why Google-owned Motorola has hired Dr. Ivan Poupyrev, who’s best known as the research scientist who made plants sing.

hand water

Google patents your useless four fingers

When you’re holding your mobile phone in one hand, you generally have a thumb on the front for scrolling, typing, and tapping, and four fingers clamped more or less uselessly around the edge. But perhaps not for long.

Xbox Kinect

Xbox Kinect’s upcoming midair multitouch is gunning for you, Leap Motion

Microsoft Research is always working on cool new features, and based on a video Microsoft just released, it seems clear that the next version of Kinect will be able to better recognize hands, hand positioning, and hand gestures, effectively letting you control your Xbox — and your PC — with just the equipment god gave you, right out of the box.


Why Windows 8 is terrible for desktops

With Windows 8, Microsoft favors tablets, touchscreens, and laptops with modern touchpads. Traditional desktops with a keyboard and mouse, on the other hand, have been left in the dust.