Little Deviants is a complete pest (review)

Little Deviants fell into a trap. The release of Sony’s new hardware has triggered an influx of games that feel compelled to overuse the PlayStation Vita’s features. Bigbig Studio’s offering is the worst example of such forced design. As one of the cheapest PS Vita launch titles, this game is proof that you pay for quality.

For $10,000, you can get a touchscreen that works better than an iPad’s (video)

Give Jeff Han some credit. He’s working down a cost curve. Since 2006, Han’s company Perceptive Pixel has been working on some of the finest large touchscreen displays anywhere. He says that the company’s technology, which is used in the Magic Wall touchscreens used by broadcasters on election nights, are fast and accurate at detecting finger touches.

Light Blue Optics raises $13 million to turn any surface into a touch screen

UK startup Light Blue Optics, which makes miniature projector systems, just raised $13 million in a funding round led by DFJ Esprit. The company’s latest product, Light Touch, turns any flat surface into a touch screen. Light Touch uses Holographic Laser Projection (HLP) to create the projected image, and it uses infrared sensors to detect motion so that the user can interact with the image.