Google is adding more traffic data to Maps

If you live in a major metro, you might be more inclined to take surface streets over highways during rush hour. Google is now making that decision — and the decision about which roads are actually fastest — a lot easier with a new glut of traffic data.

Crunch time at TechCrunch: Site has lost 35% of its traffic since September

There wasn’t much explanation given yesterday when TechCrunch editor-in-chief Erick Schonfeld stepped down. But a scoop from PaidContent this afternoon reveals why AOL might have been looking to shake things up. Traffic has fallen almost 35% since founder Mike Arrington left and Schonfeld took over in September of 2011.

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Google smashes Q3 expectations with $9.7B in revenue

Search giant Google brought in $9.72 billion in the third quarter this year — or $7.5 billion minus traffic acquisition costs. That amount crushed consensus Wall Street analyst estimates of $7.23 billion, and is a 33 percent increase from the same quarter one year ago.


What’s more trustworthy: DoubleClick’s AdPlanner or comScore?

A handful of articles this morning argued against the validity of a recently released DoubleClick AdPlanner report showing Facebook reached a trillion page views in June. Both CNN and TG Daily cite contrary data obtained by digital measurement firm comScore, which claims Facebook only reached 467 billion page views that month.

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Chartbeat maker launches new traffic analytics for news sites

I already spend a good chunk of my time obsessively checking traffic analytics for VentureBeat through Chartbeat. It gives us a breakdown of where our readers are coming from and what stories are popular. Luckily there’s a least upper limit to my neuroticism, because Chartbeat only tracks the top stories on VentureBeat.

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Google+ could make Twitter the next Myspace

There are numerous comparisons between Google’s new Google+ social offering and Facebook, but most of them miss the mark. Google knows the social train has left the station and there is a very slim chance of catching up with Facebook’s 750 million active users. However, Twitter’s position as a broadcast platform for 21 million active publishers is a much more achievable goal for Google to reach.

Netflix now accounts for 25% of North American Internet traffic

If for some reason you need further convincing that Netflix is taking over our lives, you only need to look at Sandvine’s latest report, which shows that the video streaming company is now the biggest source of North American web traffic, accounting for 24.71 percent of aggregate traffic.

Tech readers swept up in web buzz around Osama bin Laden takedown

The story about Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden’s takedown has skyrocketed to the top of news aggregation sites like Condé Nast’s Reddit — showing that even tech geeks are rushing behind what might be one of the highest trafficked stories on the web of all time.

Facebook didn’t dip: Comscore, Quantcast, Compete all wrong?

When respected traffic measurement company Comscore released data several days ago showing that Facebook’s U.S. visitors dropped more than 9.3 percent last month, it sparked widespread disbelief among bloggers and others. Facebook is hot, and growing. The data must be wrong!