Startup and the city: Fake it until you make it

Editor’s note: Julia Plevin recently started a job at a startup that’s still in stealth mode. She’ll be posting occasional columns on VentureBeat about her experiences.

Three ways to find great engineers outside of Silicon Valley

I’ve often been asked, “Why did you found ZestCash in Los Angeles?” This is polite code for “You’re an idiot. There are no good software engineers outside of Silicon Valley. You can’t build a technology company anywhere else.”

Web training site Grovo gets a facelift and revenue model

I was a big fan of Internet training site Grovo when we covered it in October, and now the site is relaunching with a cleaner interface that opens up more of its content to the public and a premium service.

Online training site Grovo launches to help you demystify the Web

Learning to use a new website or online service can be a daunting task to some users, and that problem is amplified as sites and services grow more advanced. The online training site Grovo, which is launching today, aims to bridge that gap with video lessons on a variety of topics like the money management site Mint, Google Docs, and the basics of Twitter.

Mindflash kills the training coordinator for small to mid-size businesses

Mindflash, which provides a web-based application for training programs, announced today it is coming out of closed beta with a subscription-based pricing model geared toward smaller business that is several times cheaper than most firms offering training infrastructure for larger corporations.