This startup's technology will help Tumblr scan your photos for your favorite brands

Tumblr has enlisted image-recognition startup Ditto Labs to help brands see how their stuff appears in pictures on the microblogging site, Mashable reports today. The news is interesting from a corporate perspective — another social service is becoming a place for brands to discover what’s going on in the world. But the news might be much more interesting than that.

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5 reasons why native advertising has a bright future

Simply put, if you want to really engage consumers, you’ve got to run a content-driven campaign and you’ve got to get that content to a large audience precisely when and where they want them the most.

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Tumblr is down for the count today

After intermittently reporting troubles on its Twitter account for the past few hours, Tumblr said two hours ago that the company has taken the site down entirely to fix a network issue.

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Tumblr now reaches 120M people each month

Tumblr’s quirky blogging platform and community network reaches 120 million people every month, founder and CEO David Karp disclosed at the Digital Life Design conference in Munich Monday.