Tumblr finally hits the iPad

Popular blogging service Tumblr has finally updated its native iOS app to support the iPad and iPad mini — a long waited moment for the millions of Tumblr fans around the world.

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Tumblr is down for the count today

After intermittently reporting troubles on its Twitter account for the past few hours, Tumblr said two hours ago that the company has taken the site down entirely to fix a network issue.

Twitter doesn’t want to share friends with Tumblr

Twitter doesn’t like to share its friends. For the second time in two months, the information network inexplicably cut off a competitor from allowing its users to find and add their Twitter friends.

Spotify’s new Play button brings millions of tracks beyond Facebook to the open web

Spotify continues to push the boundaries of streaming music. This morning it released the “Play” button, a widget that lets people embed songs from Spotify on any website. You need at least a free Spotify account to listen, which will no doubt help to grow the company’s user base. It also means there is now a simple, legal way to bring millions of music tracks to any site.

Tumblr is ready to make nice with developers, recruiting new API lead

Tumblr is a massive site with a very dedicated user base. But so far the company hasn’t built a robust platform for third-party developers. That’s about to change, as the company is hiring a API lead to build relationships with the developer community and actually build a new public-facing API.

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Tumblr now reaches 120M people each month

Tumblr’s quirky blogging platform and community network reaches 120 million people every month, founder and CEO David Karp disclosed at the Digital Life Design conference in Munich Monday.


The 14 hottest Chinese tech-startup clones of 2011

Cloning or copycatting ideas, companies, and products is nothing new in China. Westerners, especially Americans, loathe cloning; it hurts their pride and is an insult to their creativity and hard work. The Chinese, however, love it. It comes as second nature and presents a grand opportunity to seize a massive market potential.