With IntoNow, is social TV ready for the masses?

There’s been a real explosion in TV check-in startups in the last year or so, but today, a company called IntoNow is launching what may be the most impressive social TV app yet.

TV app Tunerfish checks in to Android

The team behind Tunerfish, the social TV application launched by cable TV giant Comcast earlier this year, just announced that it’s releasing an application for Android smartphones.

How GetGlue plans to dominate TV check-ins (and more)

AdaptiveBlue, a New York City startup that lets users “check in” to TV shows to share what they’re watching with their friends, recently raised $6 million in funding Time Warner and others. I’ve seen a ton of TV check-in apps in the last few months, so I asked founder and chief executive Alex Iskold how GetGlue (that’s the name of the app) will stand out.

Why check in to TV shows? Miso’s new answer: For the deals

Whenever I talk about apps that allow users to share what they’re watching with friends by “checking in” to a TV show, the first question anyone asks me is, ‘Why the heck would I want to do that?” Social TV startup Miso has been exploring different answers to that question, such as special content, and it unveiled a new one today — a promotional deal with home shopping company QVC.

More money for TV check-ins: Philo raises funding

It looks like investors hope to take the “check-in” model popularized by Foursquare to TV viewers. A startup called Philo, which lets users share which shows they’re watching, just raised its first round of funding.